The Price Is Right

Vicki Powell, come on down!  You're the winner of a lovely handmade quilt straight from the mountains of southwest Virginia!  OK, so you live just up the road from me, and we go to church together, and it's not novel at all for you to have something from the mountains of southwest Virginia, but that's beside the point - you won!

Thanks to everyone who has donated and made this project possible - I can't even begin to thank you all for giving of your resources to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti.  You have moved me to tears a number of times, have blessed me and many around you by your example of generosity, and have humbled me with your kindnesses.  I pray that God repays you in many ways.

I'm also pleased to announce that I will be opening an online shop in the next couple of weeks, with the sole purpose of raising money to continue sending to Haiti throughout 2010.  I will be selling quilts and other handmade, stitched items.  You can be involved by making something to sell in the shop, telling others about it, or buying something yourself!  My goal is to have items for every budget so keep checking back for details!

Thank you all for your love, generosity, kindness, awesomeness, and caring spirits.  You are amazing.

Love, Katherine

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