Hanging Appal(achian) Quilt

I designed a quilt block pattern (my first ever!) and made these squares for a quilt to hang in my dad's office on the campus of Appalachian State University.  

I was originally going to do a 4x4 quilt, with two extra blocks incorporated into the back of the quilt along with some scraps from the front fabrics.  But when we measured the wall space we discovered that it would be better to make two smaller 3x3 quilts with sashing in between - so now, one of these quilts will hang in my dad's office, and the other will end up somewhere else.

Each of the blocks measures 11.5" x 11.5".  I used 2.5" sashing in between the blocks and did a border of 4.5" (some of the border got cut out of the pictures).  I have yet to do the backing and binding, but right now they both measure about 45" x 45".  

I am going to make another one and post a tutorial for it, hopefully in the month of January.

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