Pardon me

OK, so I'm terrible at multitasking.
Work is super busy (10 hour days!).
I'm working on a fundraising project over at rhymeswithquilt.  
And there is ZERO cooking going on here at home.  Pardon me.
I made a roast and pizza over the weekend, so that's what the mister and I have been eating ... that, and granola.
Sorry, kiddos.  Nothing new.  But at least I'm explaining myself, right?  Instead of just leaving you hanging?

1 comment:

  1. You, my dear, need no pardon! : ) While I (and most of your other loyal readers, I'm sure) do wait with excitement and eagerness for each new recipe that you bring to us, I also appreciate a little waiting time to build suspense and to practice making your other recipes. For example, I made your delicious homemade tomato soup tonight, and it was fabulous! Thank you for bringing yumminess (and so many other warm fuzzy feelings) to our home! : )