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Martha Stewart - American Made 2015 - Nominee Badge


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Any time I reach a milestone I like to celebrate - and goodness me - it's all thanks to you!  Thanks, my friends.  Seriously.  I appreciate you!

So, giddy up then - it's time for a giveaway!  Up for grabs is a versatile basket - 9" across and 6" tall - with a red base and handles.  This is one of my personal favorite styles (I have about 3 in every room of the house), and by far one of the most popular items in my shop!  You will be receiving the basket pictured below.

This giveaway ends on 7/28/15 at midnight.  Happy giveaway time, folks!  (open to US residents)

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Things Change.

Things change, and that's OK.

Rhymes With Smile started out about food.  And, it still largely is - I was at a wedding in North Carolina recently and a friend's words of greeting included a reference to my most favorite chocolate chip cookies.  My cookbooks have become diaries - I leave notes about when I made such-and-such, who I shared the meal with, and what other events were going on at the time.  Possibly half of my photos from a recent international trip are food-related.  When we eat, how we eat, what we eat, and with whom we eat - I spend my days planning and scheming and listing and thinking and doing.

But, you know, sometimes things change.

Not that we've been eating less (heavens no!), but my time is different these days.  I used to blog during the kids' nap time.  Now, I make baskets.  I never envisioned that I'd spend the equivalent of a part-time job feverishly sewing at my dining room table while the kids play around me.  But I do, and I love it, and I've found a thing that gives me a personal creative outlet.  This year has brought me some pretty intense milestones and amazing opportunities!  All because of baskets.  Who'd have thought.

So, with the ebb and flow of growth and life, busy and quiet times, needs and wants, work and play, I'm going to officially let this blog rest for a while.  I do have things to share, and as there is time I'll get to do that.  And, sometimes I won't.

So, things change!  Rejoice with me that it is so.  We wouldn't want life to always stay the same.  Where's the fun in that?