Close. and Open.

Today is the last day of the Stitching Hope: Haiti raffle!  I can't believe it - we are really close to $4000 and, as these last donations come in, I think we might just go over.  I'll give the grand total tonight after the close of the raffle at 6:00.  I'm so excited.  It feels like Disney and Christmas and my birthday wrapped into one little donation envelope.

Also, because of the sheer NUMBER of entries (that I was not expecting at all), the winner of the quilt will be announced on SATURDAY, January 30, 2010 by noon.  I repeat: the raffle closes today, Friday, at 6:00.  Then I will force you into a state of anxiety and edgeofyourseatedness for approximately 18 hours, so I can put everyone in the raffle, eat dinner with some friends, play bananagrams, get some sleep, eat cinnamon rolls, play in the snow, and box up the quilt before choosing and announcing the winner.  

One more thing: Stitching Hope isn't over.  For the rest of 2010, I'm going to open a website to sell quilts, and the profits from the sales will go to Haiti.  More on this later, but, I need your involvement to continue if this is going to work.  I love community!  I love quilts!  And I love you!

Buena suerte ... 

PS.  I hope you win.