Fridge Finds: What's (Really) Cooking, Part 4

It's Tuesday!  Do you remember that Tuesday means that it's Blog Party day?  We get a good view of Elissa's fridge AND pantry at Winding Down with the Whiteds.  Hearing what a normal week's menu is for them makes me wish that we still just lived down the road from her!  (And apparently I'm missing the boat on tortellini soup.  That's a THING and I need to try it!)

She mentions a cookbook that was a collection of special recipes from a group of friends ... which makes me think about how lovely it is that food can bring people together in lots of different ways - sitting at a table together, sharing recipes across miles, or reminiscing about food with each other via technology. 

Read Elissa's post here; if you missed the first three installments of the Fridge Finds blog party, check out Rebecca's here, Rebekah's here, or mine here.  Happy Tuesday!

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