Fridge Finds: What's (Really) Cooking, Part 2

It's the Fridge Finds blog party day!  If you're missed last week's post about this curious blog party, catch yourself up by checking out my post from last week.

I hope you're as pumped as I am to get a peek into another REAL family's REAL fridge! I'm really excited to have Rebekah - aka, the Homemade Engineer - as the featured blogger this week!  I met Rebekah when she and her husband moved to Smalltown, Southwest Virginia for grad school (why else would anyone move there?), and got to know her through church, potlucks, and shared craftiness (though, I confess she's much better at sewing things exactly than I am.  Must be that engineer in her.)

She has some great food plans for the week.  And, as someone who's always looking for a new way to cook up beans, I'm pumped that she's sharing a lentil recipe ... because, really, one can never know too many ways to serve beans.

So without further ado, check out her post here, and let her know what you're excited to see in her fridge!

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