Fridge Finds: What's (Really) Cooking, Part 3

It's Tuesday, friends ... which means it's the Fridge Finds blog party day!  (Can't remember what that's about?  Check out the first week here, or last week's Fridge Finds post here)

Lucky for us, we get to hang out with Rebecca from Down the Rabbit Hole.  She's a modest friend, and quiet about her culinary prowess.  Don't be fooled when she talks about simple fare of eggs and kale: she is the kind of cook whose meals you remember.  I have eaten that exact dinner at her house - spontaneously, when our husbands had to work late, and we were both pregnant with our first.  I still specifically remember how I scraped the plate.  And her granola?  Stellar.

I met her, long ago - a mutual friend connected us because she and her husband were moving to our town.  We have a little bit of a culinary history together - this was an early meal that my mom and I delivered to her when she moved; we still laugh over this mishap together; this remains my favorite way to prepare sweet potatoes; a recent favorite soup recipe is from her kitchen.

So, don't wait another minute.  Check out what is going on in Rebecca's kitchen with this week's Fridge Finds post!

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