This Is Your Work

I am again grateful for friends - and especially those who are willing to guest post for me!  This comes courtesy of my friend Amber, a sweet woman and mother of two little boys, whose positivity and kindness are a great encouragement to me.  And, I can't even begin to talk about her quiet level of energy - she gets up at 6 AM, gardens, helps run a preschool co-op, makes all her own bread ... oh, and did I mention she has TWO little boys?  

I once heard a religious educator share the following experience.  He was loaded down by stacks of paper work on his desk when a young woman came in, obviously in need of a listening ear and counsel.  Stressed about all the work he needed to get done, he felt an impression come to his mind as he remembered what was most important, "THIS is your work."

One day, I was on my hands and knees, talking to and smiling at my little baby Tyndale who was laying down on a blanket and cooing and smiling back. My two-year-old Ked had climbed up on top of me, ready to ride me like a horse. I kept thinking about how I needed to get back to work, when the phrase, "This is your work," came to my mind.

A little while later, I took Ked to the back window, hoping to find something to distract him after he'd been grumpy and crying ever since he awoke from his nap. Thankfully, a couple of squirrels were putting on a great show collecting walnuts. I pointed them out to Ked and explained what they were doing, and we watched for several minutes. Again, I kept thinking about my list of things to do and that I needed to get back to work. And again the phrase, "THIS is your work," came to my mind.

A while ago, I heard Julie B. Beck explain the differences between necessary and essential when it comes to raising families.  There are a lot of things I need to do that are necessary. But there are things that are too often given up that are essential!  "Maintenance parenting" lets go of that essential part.  I'm grateful to understand that the spiritual and emotional nurturing of these little boys is essential, as well as the physical and mental. Now I just need to remember that, and make it a part of my natural disposition!

My boys are clamoring for my attention as I write this. Gotta go!
Can you see the squirrel holding a nut in the tree? I took this a day or so after I wrote this post, when I noticed a rainbow out the same window where I took Ked to look outside.

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