THE list

This is the pre-baby, nesting, crazy-brained mama, overwhelming-to-all-involved to-do list that I finally consolidated yesterday onto one sheet of paper (previously it was absurdly divided on a snowflake post-it note, a grocery store receipt, the whiteboard in the kitchen, and my scattered/unreliable brain.)

I'm not sure if there's anything more boring to blog about than a to-do list, but I want to write about it so that I can hold myself somewhat accountable to getting some of these things done.  Yes, I purposely wrote "somewhat accountable" and "some of these things" because I have a healthy respect for naps, a dirty house, and going to bed early.  I am also severly comfortable with putting certain things off.  I might probably will delegate some of these to other family members (head's up, Mom!)

Here's the list, in no particular order (except for the first one) -

-make a to-do list (yes, that really is the first item on my list) DONE
-stock freezer with 3 dozen muffins (applesauce-raisin muffins, whole wheat oatmeal muffins, and/or blueberry muffins) DONE
-start the quilt that Aunt E has commissioned
-prep freezer-crockpot meals (I will blog about this - it's an ingenious idea!) DONE
-figure out rocking chair cushion situation - make or buy cushions?
-register at hospital - DONE
-plan emergency details if I go into early labor (aka, if my mom isn't here yet) DONE
-thorough house cleaning (I should probably make an entirely separate list just for this)
-wash and prep "new" cloth diapers (recently purchased on Craigslist) DONE
-sell a couple things on ebay or CL
-date night with the Mr.
-date with the Mr. and Little Girl - pumpkin patch?  McDonald's?  Inside pizza picnic?
-write down family mission statement
-Christmas ?!?
-birthdays (we have 8 family member birthdays in the next 8 weeks)
-finish Little Girl's Christmas present (dress-up box)
-finish Little Girl's birthday present (play refrigerator and play food, apron, shopping bag)
-homemade pretzels
-pack hospital bag - DONE
-research good food for labor; prep food for the hospital stay - DONE

Whew.  I am so proud of myself for having completed ONE of those things ... even if it was just making a to-do list!


  1. you go girl. if anyone can do all of this list, it's you.

  2. crockpot365.blogspot.com saved my life when #2 arrived. I highly recommend the greek spiced ribs! (I don't used spare ribs either- they're so good you need more meat than that- go for country style.) We like the pesto chicken recipe and the sausage with veggies, oh and soups too! She very rarely steered me wrong.

    A tip for your dress up box- use as thin of fabrics as you can get away with because they take up less storage space. Sheers are great, they are playing pretend after all. N's dress up box has become the monster of the bedroom, but we started off with a self contained girly set that was all sparkly and sheers and fasted with velcro for ease of little hands- it was awesome!