at 35 weeks

We're going camping this weekend.

And I'm this big:
I think the skillets hanging on the wall make me look rounder.
In preparation for camping 35 weeks pregnant, I have done all of the following:
- informed the Mr. that he will need to provide me with two sleeping bags that zip together so that I can have enough room to sleep (or not sleep) in the most comfortable position(s) available
- baked an 8x8" dish of chocolate-peanut butter-shortbread bars ... for myself (the Mr. doesn't like the chocolate-peanut butter combination, and Little Girl is sensitive to nuts.  Yes, I baked them on purpose, knowing that 2/3 of my family members would be averse to eating them)
- packed snacks for approximately 26 snack times (we will be out of our house for about 48 hours.  I hope it's enough snacks)
- purchased enough s'mores ingredients for our entire church congregation
- raided the Mr.'s winter clothes for the stretchiest, biggest, warmest outfits I can find.  Friday night's low is 32 degrees, people!  I need me some maternity long johns.

I will let you know upon return how it was.  Until then, wish me luck, and pray that the snacks suffice.

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