Freezer-Crockpot Meals: The Idea

The Freezer-Crockpot Meal is one of Pinterest's most amazing gifts to me.  It's revolutionary enough to take over the world (or at least a good portion of my available freezer space).  I can't believe that I've never heard of this process before - I don't know whether that's because I'm in a technology vacuum with a 5-year-old computer and no smartphone, or whether the idea is really something new.  Either way, I am excited to have stumbled on such an easy way to prep a bajillion a handful of easy meals with about as little preparation time as a girl can hope for.

Here's the gist of what a "freezer-crockpot meal" is: dump all ingredients for favorite slow cooker meals into a gallon-sized plastic bag and freeze it.  (This includes meat - with the exception of ground beef which should always be pre-cooked before adding to a slow cooker, the meats for the recipes can be raw!)  When you need it, run the bag under warm water for a bit to loosen the bag, and place the frozen contents into the crock.  Turn it on, leave it all day, come home to an amazing main dish, and throw together some quick side like garlic bread, rice, pasta, a salad, or sauteed vegetables.

So simple, right?

I'll post some of the recipes I've prepared tomorrow.


  1. yesss! i recently discovered this (out of necessity...) as well. but i am curious how you found it on pinterest. you saw someone else's pin that linked to freezer-crock pot recipes?

  2. Yes, Mary - I think I was looking for new crock pot soup recipes on pinterest, and ended up linking to someone's post about this idea. I'd love to know some of the recipes you use!

  3. may I have some of these recipes, please? Dinner is about to undo me....I need some ideas! THANKS!

  4. Cindi - look at the next post! There are a bunch of links and some of the recipes I've used.