Baby Quilt for Baby B

Attempted partial group shot!
In mid-January, I got to go to Virginia for a reunion with a bunch of friends.  This was no ordinary reunion - for one, it was freezing cold.  Also, none of our husbands were able to come with us, so we were a bunch of ladies with crazy kids in a giant house on an awesome farm.  It was phenomenal!

I have lost track of how many adults and kids there were.  I think it was something like 10 or 11 (moms) and 15 (kids), plus three yet-to-be-born little ones.  Oh, did I mention that the oldest child had just turned four?  The oldest child had just turned four.  My E was the second oldest at barely 3.  

We got to throw a baby shower for our sweet friend V, who was expecting her first just a few weeks after the reunion.  Besides a delicious meal catered by our local friends and a special time to giggle and cry together, we worked on a group quilt for V's little girl.  Each of us brought a fabric from home to contribute.

Given our time frame and limited access to sewing supplies, though, we were just able to cut the quilt out and lay it out before we left.  We left it in the capable hands of a local friend who's shared some photos of the finished product!  I am SO excited with how it turned out.



With a baby!  A real, live, sweet little baby girl!
In the nursery:

Let's see if I can remember some of the details of this one.  This is going to be the world's worst tutorial on making a windowpane baby quilt, but here goes:

30 3.5x3.5" blocks
7 3.5x7.5" blocks
5 7.5x7.5" blocks
1.5" strips of white to go between the blocks
dark and light strips for borders

Windowpane Baby Quilt
It was meaningful for me to be part of such a special group project with women I've shared so much with.  Hopefully it's keeping little B warm and snuggly until I can get my hands on her in person!

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  1. I LOOOOOOVE this quilt! It looks adorable in the room!