What I Want For My Birthday (A Shameless Request)

Friends, I will just go ahead and say it.  December is my birth month.  And this year it's a big one ...  Thirty!  30.  3-0.  Three decades of life.  I'm getting excited already.

I know what I want for my birthday.  Do you mind if I go ahead and ask?  I know, once you get past about 16 you can't really say what you want for your birthday ... people who might get you gifts are just supposed to know.

But I'm going to break the norm here.  For my 30th birthday, I want you to give me a handwritten recipe.

Just one.

But written down.  By hand.  On some kind of paper.  My little recipe box (above) holds index cards, so that's a great size.  But really, any kind of paper will do.  Just paper, and pen, and your recipe.

See, I've been contemplating some kind of food project for 2014 ... I've had so much fun with the "Year of Food" in 2013 that I realized it's nice to have some overarching theme/goal/purpose in trying new recipes and cooking new things.  On Thanksgiving Day I was moving some things around in the kitchen and the little recipe box fell off a top shelf.  Cards went flying all over.  I picked them up and realized I had never looked in that recipe box that had been my grandmother's.  I don't even know how I ended up with her recipe box (according to my dad she wasn't really much of a cook anyway, bless her soul), but there are just some really cool notes in there.

Like the page from a daily diary ... Friday May 2: blue cheese, cheese roll sharp, pecans ... what the heck will that be, I wonder?  I'm thinking some kind of appetizer cheese ball, but she didn't bother to title it so maybe it's self explanatory.  If you come over on May 2, 2014, we will be eating this, whatever it is.

That story is all to say that my Food Goal for 2014 will be cooking from Handwritten Recipes.  I've got that box of my grandmother's to go through, but I'd love to add a recipe or two from you folks, if you've got a second to jot something down and send it my way.  It doesn't need to be fancy (my wise-guy brother already called the "pour cereal in a bowl and add milk; eat with spoon" recipe).

So there you have it.

For my thirtieth birthday, I want handwriting on paper.  I'm pretty easy to please.

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