Homemade Christmas: Stockings

One thing I love about gift-giving is creativity.  The Mister and I really like to make gifts when possible, and so I'm going to share a few homemade Christmas ideas we've cooked up this year.  It gets a little tricky, though ... I think that some of the people who might receive these gifts may actually read this blog, so I'll only share the things I've made for Big Sis and Little Lady before Christmas.  You'll get to see the bigger handmade projects post-Big Day.

Homemade Christmas Stockings
For starters ... here are a couple of simple, homemade fabric stockings.  The one on the left I made in 2010, just before Big Sis was born.  I didn't get around to making Little Lady one last year (she was only a month old, after all).  But I used the same pattern that I had from before that I found stashed away in my sewing box.

For that reason, I can't remember exactly where the pattern came from!  It's basically two identical "socks" sewn separately, then one of them (kept inside out) is inserted into the other (turned right side out).  I followed a pattern similar to this one, though I did not use any batting, and the lining and cuff fabric are the same.

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