"Homemade" Christmas: Stuff We Already Had

Is this weird?

I got a cleaning bug in November, and started sorting through some books and games we had stashed around the house.  I found these treasures and immediately thought ... Christmas presents!

I guess I'm taking advantage of my little ones' lack of long-term memories.  Ha!  Am I the only one?  Come on, friends ... will you dare to admit you've done this before?

Since we love camping as a family, the Curious George book will be a fun new story to read!  (If you were the one who originally gave that to us, I'm sorry that I don't remember.  I will be happy to give you credit this second time around if you'd like)

I picked up the Memory game from a church rummage sale for a quarter.  My first thought for it was a craft project (it's funky and vintage) but obviously didn't get to work on it right away.  Nothing like a classic family game for these long winter nights!

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