Aunt E's Quilt

I know what you're thinking: a post about a quilt, in the middle of the summer?  It's too hot for that.

I agree.  But it's about time.  So, yes.

I worked on this project for over a year.  (When I say it really small like that, it's not so embarrassing that it took me that long.  Pretend that I whispered it under my breath while sheepishly glancing sideways.)

My aunt in Texas commissioned it, asking that I make something that she could have in her workspace for her clients (she is a massage therapist and supportive coach).  It is a wonky log cabin quilt in earth tones. Most of the fabric is from the Deer Valley by Joel Dewberry line which I supplemented with coordinating solids.

Here it is, finally finished!

front of quilt: Wonky Log Cabin
back of quilt: pieced backing
I love seeing quilts in their new home once I send them off, so I asked my aunt if she'd send me a picture once she had received it.

This is the quilt that I mentioned in my pre-baby to-do list last October.

Wow ... projects take waaaaay longer with babies around!


  1. Soooo...is it bad that I almost love the chaco tan as much as the quilt!?! ;) Just kidding...it's a fabulous quilt! you are so talented, dear friend! Miss you!

  2. You know I purposely included my chaco tan in there :) Love you!