just being honest

Sometimes, I'm in a groove.

The girls' routines overlap, relatively speaking.  I've got menus in mind for the week.  I make it out the door generally when I intend to, and am able to get at least a few productive things accomplished a week.

This has not been one of those weeks.

Ever since I returned from a 10-day trip down south, I have just not had it together!  I've told the Mister every single day for a week that I need to go to the grocery store.  And have I made my big grocery trip yet?  No.  I went on Saturday with a whole list in mind, and came out of the store with dog food and yogurt.  We currently have eggs, tomatoes, tortillas, and lettuce in the fridge.  There are just a limited number of creative things I can do with those ingredients.

We left for church 20 minutes early yesterday - 20 MINUTES! - and still got there 10 minutes late.  It's only half a mile away, and yes, we did walk ... but that means we were walking at a one-mile-per-hour pace.

Big Sister fell apart after lunch with friends.  She ASKED to go to bed at 6:30 last night after a her snack of grapes and pumpkin bread.  Baby Girl apparently cried for two hours straight from 3-5 AM (honestly, I didn't hear her until 5.  But the Mister did.  Sorry 'bout that ...)

There's something mysteriously sticky on the floor by our couch.  Have I cleaned it up?  No.  I am making a point of walking around it though.

Potty training is posing its own set of hurdles.  She gets it, but I'm not a fan of public restrooms.  Short of carrying a potty with us everywhere we go, I don't know how to get out of my house for long periods of time.

Even though we don't have much food in the fridge, something smells in there.  I can't quite figure it out.

But, you know, there are good things too ...
These two kids are just fascinating.  I really like them.
I went on a picnic with friends last week.
And the weather has been absolutely gorgeous.  Blue skies and mid-60s: dreamy.
Friends have had their babies.
I am wearing Chacos again.

I do need to make it to the grocery store, though.


  1. The restroom at my house is perfect for little girls! And I remember being in your spot not too long ago. Those public potties are yucky. Your house is always so nice and neat in spite of having two young ladies. And we always have a lot of food so knock on our door at dinner instead of going to the store anytime!

  2. love you! handling a week like this with grace, honesty, and humor, as usual! thanks for sharing. this is life, right? as much time not in the groove as in, if not more...

  3. Youre so awesome! For real. There are so many trade offs for traveling, and I can imagine that only increases a hundredfold with two kids instead of just one. Wish I lived across town to have you over for a non creative meal!

  4. thanks for sweet encouragements, friends!