Blog Party!

Cindi and Emily from ScrappyLoveBlog are today's Blog Party bloggers over at Simply Baby Furniture.
Simply Baby Furniture Blog Party
Stay tuned for a few more weeks to see what these other bloggers have to say about nursery style:

Vivid Hue Home- Heather
Rhymes with Smile- me!
Forever’s Like a Dream- Kelley
Little Black Door- Elizabeth
Fancy Free Me- Elisa
Design Post Daily- Beth

I will award some rhymeswithsmile points* to you if you can spot my tiny little debut in today's featured nursery!  

*rhymeswithsmile points are redeemable for hugs, or possibly food.  Really, I just made them up right now, to encourage you to go look at the blog party today.  But I'm willing to negotiate.

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