Things I'm Loving These Days

Of course, I'm way into this chick.  Look how precious!  And those curls ...

I am having a blast checking out all the second-hand stores around.  Thanks in large part to some new friends here, I'm recognizing that being on the lookout for kid-toys is always a good idea ... so I snagged some on a recent trip to Savers (the most amazing thrift store I've ever been to) ...

classic wood blocks, anyone?  An entire bucketfull for $5, anyone?
OK, this isn't for the kiddo.  This is my toy.
I've always wanted a globe!  This one is from the late 70's,
as best as we can tell.
E LOVES this magnetic "book", and played for a full TWENTY
minutes with it the other day.  That's right, I timed it.
Plus, it helps with hand-eye coordination and vocabulary too, right?
It's not just about me having 20 uninterrupted minutes ...
Big bag of animal toys (pre-sanitizing) ... can you tell what E is into these days?
I think that the new baby will be bringing this to its big sister when it's born.
Either that, or she gets it for Christmas.  Yay, blocks!
Craigslist has really come through for me (and the new baby) with this steal:

Do you know about Freecycle?  I've been a member for 3+ years now, and I'm crazy about it.  It helps when other folks around are really into it.  I posted that I was looking for some leftover paint to re-do the changing table, and got some good responses.  Plus, there's enough leftover for some other projects I have in mind!

 Time with family is always a blessing ...

30 weeks ... wow, it goes by fast!

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