10 Days of Meal Plans

So, I'm pretty excited about planning meals these days.  Dorky?  Yes.  But whatever.  I thought I'd share the menu plan I came up with for these next 10 days ... I made it based on my recent New Way To Plan Food System.  I went grocery shopping yesterday and spent just under 1/3 of my monthly food budget (by just under, I mean ... $2 under!  Thank you, Calculator).

Now, the meals (I know it's kinda cheesy, but most of the links are to recipes I've posted before ... once I really get the hang of this new system of planning meals, I'll start branching out to recipes other people post!):

9/21 - quiche, salad, bread (a la bread machine)
9/22 - bratwurst on the grill, coleslaw, french fries
9/23 - fruit and cheese with crackers (we get off a little easy on Sundays, because we meet for evening church fellowship, and snacks are typically involved)
9/24 - nachos
9/25 - pork roast with oven-fried potatoes, green beans, and salad
9/26 - cheese tortellini, salad, toast
9/27 - rice/chicken/broccoli casserole, toast
9/28 - homemade pepperoni pizza, french fries
9/29 - chicken on the grill, rosemary potatoes on the grill
9/30 - Mexican dip with chips (Sunday snacks)

A few notes:
- Lunches will be leftovers from the night(s) before
- Because we now have this Sunday night group going on, there are a few meal options I didn't use in this 10-day block.  So I have some variety to mix in the next set of meal plans ... breakfast for dinner, soup, and a vegetarian dinner.
- Since I'm in "Countdown To Baby" mode (approximately 8 weeks to go!), I'm also trying to make extra food when possible so I can freeze it.  In this block I'm probably looking at making a 9"x13" dish's worth of casserole,  but splitting it into two smaller dishes so I can freeze one.  Also, I will most likely throw what I can into the crock pot at some point for a big batch of soup to freeze.

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  1. Looks like Friday is Pizza night for you guys too :)
    It's a tradition at our house!