Today's Smile

I got to skype today with this lovely face (and her mommy in the background) ... and see new baby sister for the first time (not in the picture)!  It's amazing to connect with friends I love ... and for a second I forgot that I wasn't in the same room, sitting on the couch, listening to this sweetheart sing the ABC's and tell me about her new room.

I'm already scheming about when we can make this happen again ... and if we can have a 10-way skype date on a Friday morning with cups of coffee in our hands, catching up on the week's news with a sweet group of friends ...


  1. so cute. i'll look into that 10-way skype.

  2. Haha...I didn't know you could take pictures like that. Fun! Thanks for Skyping...made our week!!

  3. you can video chat with multiple people using oovoo (also free!)- its great!