The Family Wedding Event, part 1

Recipe for Family Wedding Fun - Part 1 (The Rehearsal)
Serves 10+, with leftover memories

Start by being offered a lovely "river cottage"to stay in for a week ... complete with bedrooms for each couple, a well-stocked kitchen, and a couple of canoes and kayaks.  Whip up some time to spend on the dock, and bask in the beautiful sunshine of a temperate, non-humid 70 degree morning.  Watch dolphins swim by; admire painted toenails.

View from the "river cottage" ... in quotes because that
is quite an understatement!  It was amazing!

It's a big deal that I painted them pink.  Thank Local Townie for that.
After multiple successful relaxation attempts, carefully attend each bridesmaid's/family event, accompanied by (a) a dressy-casual outfit (b) a gift (c) a story of the bride-to-be or groom-to-be or (d) any combination of the above.  Commit to eating every bite of delicious food offered.  Blame the pregnancy for the expanding waistline; ignore popping buttons and innie-turned-outie belly buttons.

In case you were wondering, the answer is yes: this plate was just as delicious as it looks.
Bridesmaids' Luncheon
Give a couple of "Yippidee Doo Dah" shout-outs to the gathering of the entire family for the first time in three years.
Look!  I have three sisters!
Me, the Bride (est. 2012), Mother Dear, Hawaiian Sister (est. 2011), and Kentucky Sister (est. 2004)
Congratulate middle-brother on marrying way above himself, then participate whole-heartedly in the wedding rehearsal.
Look!  I have three brothers!
Oldest Brother/Kentucky Brother (est. 1980), Middle Brother/Groom (est. 1985), me and Baby RWS,  Youngest Brother/Hawaiian Brother (est. 1988)
Place Baby Girl Rhymeswithsmile in her wedding wagon and watch her being pulled down the aisle.  Choke back a few tears watching her debut as co-flower girl, and admire a very cute wagon escort.
Ignore signs that she's exhausted and slightly over-socialized; pass Baby Girl RWS off to Kentucky Brother for a nap and a drool stain on his collared shirt during the rehearsal.
I don't have a follow-up picture, but she did THE EXACT SAME THING during the wedding ceremony.  We put her down for a quick nap half an hour before the ceremony ... and she didn't.  wake.  up.  My sweet husband carried her down the aisle, fully asleep ... and pulled the other flower girl in the wagon.  Priceless, and special, and memorable!
Mix all ingredient events and savor the memories.  Take in the joy of family time.

Part 2 of recipe coming soon ...

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