The Family Wedding Event, Part 2

Since I posted part one of the family wedding event, I had to follow-up with part two.  I stole all these pictures from the Hawaiian Sister-In-Law, since I was in the wedding party and camera-less for most of the rehearsal, wedding, and reception.

Here's the picture that I was DYING to get at some point during the wedding festivities.  Do you know the last time this happened ... the entire family of siblings, spouses/significant others, and baby girl, plus Mom and Dad?  
Never.  This has never before happened!  Last time we were all together (2009), the two youngest brothers were sadly unattached, we had no kid, and as a whole we were much less good-looking.  Adding two more wonderful ladies and a precious kid has definitely upped our collective beauty factor by at least 4,358%.

Middle Brother was SO HAPPY.  I kept my eyes on him the entire ceremony.  Watching him take such joy in marrying his wife was a sweet, beautiful, and precious moment that I am honored to have shared with them ... and 400 of their closest friends and family.

Middle brother (far left), Dan the Best Man,
Oldest Brother, Youngest Brother,  Bride's Brother
I'm running out of the right words to convey how absolutely special it was to share in this day.  The wedding was beautiful, the couple was stunning, and the setting was dreamy.  
The company wasn't that bad, either ...
Best wishes to those I love ... I'm so thankful for family!

Happy 10 day anniversary to the happy couple!

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