Easy Easter Dresses

I made Big Girl's dress using the "Back To School Tunic Dress" tutorial at Sew Mama Sew.   I like dresses that don't have zippers ... I think they're too fussy for toddlers.  Maybe when she's in high school (if she wants anything I make by then), we'll consider zippers.

Here's the fun part ... the flower patterned fabric is from a thrift store skirt I cut up.  The blue on the sleeves used to be a sheet, and the yellow was a pillowcase.

And here's Baby Girl's dress:

I used the same fabrics so that they could be coordinating without being too matchy matchy.  For a pattern, I copied a simple a-line infant dress that I had.  I used snaps at the shoulders, but could have just as easily done buttons and a buttonhole.

Happy Easter (maybe a little late ... )!


  1. You are incredible! These dresses are so uniquely cute - and resourceful.

  2. The dresses are adorable (as are the girls).Enjoy making the dresses now because (if you're lucky) they'll wear what you make until they're in second grade or so without complaints. The good news is you'll probably tire of making them by then anyway!

  3. They turned out great! And big girl's dress looks roomy enough that she can wear for quite a while. Little girl's dress looks a bit like the any butler dress I made.

  4. Here's a picture. :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/rocktreephotos/6893073111/in/pool-1016047@N21