Leftover Lemons

So you know how I just gave you that recipe for chicken gyros?

Remember how it calls for fresh lemon juice?

I hope you used a fresh lemon to get that fresh lemon juice.
Lemon picture from here
If you did, you can get a little extra something out of it, just like I did.

After I juiced the lemon, I threw the rind in the sink, waiting until I got around to cleaning the dishes to do anything with it.

And then, when I did get around to it, I felt like it was a waste just to throw that pretty little yellow thing away.  I tore up one half of it and put it through the garbage disposal, because I think I had heard somewhere that lemons are good for that.  I don't know if it was good for the disposal or not, but it did smell really good.

But then I still had half a lemon rind left.  So I tore that into two pieces, and rubbed one on the kitchen sink - yes, ON the kitchen sink.  It cleared up some grime and smelled good to boot!  Then, inspired by my newfound cleaning tool, I ran into the bathroom and used the other lemon piece on the bathroom sink.  It cut grime there too!

Who knew?!?  Non-toxic, smell-good, waste-free cleaning?!?  I'm on board!

You've got to understand ... I hate cleaning.  That's why I have a food blog, not a cleaning blog.  But if something like cooking with fresh lemons can inspire me to clean just a tiny little bit, I'll take it!

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