Creative Ways to Make Money: The Intro

Today, I'm starting a new series about a recent hobby of mine: finding creative ways to make money.  I'm not talking about the "hey, quit your steady job" kind of making money ... it's more like the "let's fund some extras without going into negatives on the important things" way of looking at things.  For example, this morning I discovered this (I was hungry and saw a recipe that used one).  I'm not going to divert almost an entire month's grocery budget just to get one, but that doesn't mean that I can't work towards it anyway.  That's why I said it's a hobby ... something I do for fun, that keeps me occupied and creative and active.

What makes this series even MORE fun is that my fellow hobbyist Andrea over at The Strategic Homemaker is also posting in the same genre.  We decided to do this because we were recently asked by a mutual friend how to earn or save money for a bigger splurge.  We had so much fun talking about it that we decided to share some tips!

$13 in there.  I dream big.
So, in the coming weeks we're just going to share a few things that have worked for us.  Stay tuned!

In case you're interested, here are a few rules I've set out for myself:

1.  Be flexible
2.  Be honest
3.  Don't be embarrassed
4.  Don't lose money (in the instances where I have to spend money to make a little more money)
5.  Don't spend money that isn't there
6.  Reward myself when I've hit my goal

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