Snow Day

Friday afternoon - the snow is falling.  Little Girl is excited.
This is what the Mr did with all that rope, the PVC pipe, and the sled.
He's a handy man, alright.
She approves of the chariot
Look at them go through the wilderness (of the backyard)!
That black dot in the middle of the picture is the side mirror of our car
Front yard (hedges just outside the window are completely covered)
Snow at the front door 
The sledding crew in the backyard
The Mr. and Little Girl hanging out in the snow cave
Just a little fire pit action in the front yard 
Sheltered from the wind (sort of)
Little Girl and me!


  1. Glad you all got to enjoy the snow. We miss you!

  2. Wowowowowow!! How many inches total? I admit I got a little claustrophobic when I saw the pic of your car completely buried. But really it looks sooo fun! What memories for your first winter there!,

  3. Loved reading this post and yesterday's! Looks like you're having a really fun weekend!