Becky's Yoga Bag

Cousin Becky came to town a couple of days ago for an extended-weekend visit.  Besides the must-have visit requirements of movies, catching up over mugs of hot beverages, pancake breakfasts, and loving on the kiddos and dogs, we decided to tackle a new project in the sewing room: a yoga bag.  Previous joint sewing projects have included a quilt or two, a dress made from an XXL man's shirt, and some headbands.

Disclaimer: I don't know anything about yoga except that my $3.99 "Prenatal Yoga" dvd from ebay helped with my aching hips both pregnancies.  I certainly wasn't advanced enough to need a bag for my mat (ok, let's be honest - I used a camping ground pad as my yoga mat) ... but Cousin Becky is pretty legit when it comes to yoga-ing.  She just moved to DC, and needs some good hippie swag to start conversations with her new yoga mates.

We both agreed that she needed fabric that says "Hey, there's a story behind this."  So, she went shopping in my fabric stash and settled on some Nigerian fabric in royal blue with a large green swirled diamond.  She's creative enough that she'll make a good story out of it.

She worked from this tutorial and added a 4"x6" pocket with a velcro closure to hold her iphone and keys during class.

Little Girl "helps"
We are always so excited when Becky comes to town, and are thankful that family ties are strong, sweet, and lasting!  See you in April, cousin!

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