Camping recipes

The lake at Marcy Dam
We made it back from a week of camping in upstate New York!  We realized once we were there that this is the first time that the three of us (four of us counting the Pumpkin, five counting the dog) had been on a family vacation together, just us.  What a blast!  Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed stressed about the thought of getting E to sleep at night, based on previous experiences ... but she was a champ, and only had one night where she woke up multiple times.
View from the summit of Whiteface Mountain,
looking down on Lake Placid
The nights were cool, and the days were comfortable.  This pregnant lady enjoyed a break from the humidity of Connecticut and the noise of the city.  I think we decided that the High Peaks in the Adirondacks will most likely be "our place" to vacation ... but we have yet to try out Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, anywhere in Canada, or the New England coast.  So we'll get back to you on that.

View from Mt. Severance, overlooking Schroon Lake, NY
We enjoyed swimming, hiking, exploring, reading maps, getting a little lost, stopping whenever we felt like it, eating ice cream (OK, I enjoyed eating ice cream.  The Mr. isn't so much into it), not showering, campfires, teaching the kiddo how to collect sticks, and talking about all the things that come to mind when one doesn't have a computer or phone to distract.  It was a really special time for us.

She loves these little sunglasses.  Seriously.
If only we could all look so beautiful.
Looking upriver towards Marcy Dam
From the top of Whiteface Mountain
On our way up a Mt. Severance
And now, as promised ... the results of the food planning for the week!

For breakfasts, we alternated between these two options:
- instant oatmeal with brown sugar, dried fruit, and/or cinnamon
- scrambled eggs with sausage and potatoes - I precooked the sausage and potatoes before we left so all that was involved was warming them up, but I used a pound of bulk loose sausage, not links or patties. Next time around, I will go with the links or patties because they're more easily contained on a griddle, and less likely to fall off of a toddler's fork onto the ground.

Lunches mainly consisted of serious snacking (since we typically had lunch once we had hiked in wherever we were going that day):
- sliced summer sausage
- sliced cheese
- crackers or baguette
- carrots and celery with hummus
- trail mix

We prepared dinners once we made it back to our campsite.  Here's what we had:
- burritos - precooked rice and beans, precooked shredded chicken, salsa, cheese, tomatoes, and peppers - should've brought some sour cream and guacamole, but I forgot.  I would do this one again.
- tortellini pasta with chopped squash and zucchini, with alfredo sauce - I used some packet of instant alfredo mix that  had in the pantry that was really easy to prepare, but it would've been just as easy to have a jar of sauce.  I'd do this again, but maybe add more vegetables, and/or some chicken or sausage.
- gourmet spinach salad - a bag of spinach, seasoned and cooked chicken, 1 chopped tomato, 1/2 c. shredded parmesan cheese, sliced carrots and celery, garlic croutons, and 1/2 c. of vinaigrette dressing - the lesson learned on this one is that while a salad is really easy to throw together at home, it isn't the easiest of camping food ... and leftovers get weird really quickly.  It was delicious though, but I probably will try to find something that's more ... confined within itself ... for the next trip.
- grilled bratwurst - this was delicious, and so easy.  Check plus for next time.
- eggplant parmesan - one (1-lb) eggplant, sliced between 1/4" and 1/2" thick (so I guess that'd be 3/8"?), sprinkled with salt and pepper and browned on both sides in olive oil in a skillet.  Top with 1 small jar of marinara sauce (I bought the smallest one I could find at the grocery store, which was somewhere around 8 -10 ounces) and 1 cup of shredded parmesan cheese.  Cover and let the cheese melt slightly before serving (though parmesan doesn't really melt like other cheeses ... it does get a little softer).  This was the best dinner we had, in my opinion.  It took all of 15 minutes to prepare (which automatically made it awesome), had few ingredients (ding ding ding!  amazing!), and was filling and delicious.  It would be super easy to do again while camping, but can also be done at home.  We served it with the rest of a baguette we had from that day's lunch.  If at home, it'd also be great with a simple salad or over some pasta.

Here's proof of deliciousness:
She cleaned her plate!  Always a good sign.

It was so good.  Have I said that enough?

We spent one day in the town of Lake Placid, which had nice sidewalks and a beach area, along with some fun shops and an energetic buzz with all the activity going on.  The kiddo grabbed Salem's leash and started walking him ... she got such a kick out of it, and we didn't let on that she was really the one being constrained in the process!

We got the chance to stop and visit a friend's parents on the last night of our vacation.  They were such sweet hosts, and kindly took the time to show us around the camp they live at, the nearby town, and the beautiful lake.  We're thankful that even though being in New England is a bit out of our comfort zone, we're still able to keep ties with friends - and make new friends in the process!

Thanks Rick and Linda for being so hospitable!  Oh, and for letting us shower ... 
And now, a question for you ... have you ever tried cooking outside while camping, or over a fire?  Do you have any suggestions for this new-to-outdoor-cooking lady?


  1. I never would have thought of eggplant parmesan over the fire. Great idea.

    Foil packets are really fun for roasting vegetables and fish or other meat. Use two layers of foil, anything that roasts well in the oven will work.

    We also enjoy a special dessert treat called dough boys: you wrap a from-a-tube biscuit around a clean stick, roast it over the fire till puffy and brown then dip it in melted butter and cinnamon and sugar. mmm. Or you can use a fairly thick dowel and when finished fill the empty space with jam.

  2. Fun post! :) Glad you had such a good time. I talked to my mom today and she told me about your visit. They LOVED it! I think it's funny you wrote that you hike up "a" mt. severence! Food looked amazing! and yes, I do wish I had been with you!