A Post About Cooking Bacon

Nothing super special, just a little something that came to mind when I had a chat with Cousin Becky today (where we mentioned pigeons, bacon, and toddler habits all within 2 minutes)

Have you ever baked bacon?  I mean, instead of frying it on the stovetop?  It's my new favorite way to cook bacon, because it's less fussy than skillet frying, and I'm less likely to yelp when grease pops and hits my hand (as it inevitably will).  

Here goes ...

Before: Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Line a cookie sheet with foil (to help corral the bacon grease), and lay bacon out on the cookie sheet.  I fit a whole pound on there, but it took longer to cook.  I guess if I hadn't been so hungry, I could've sufficed with half a pound of bacon on the sheet.  Or, if I had two cookie sheets, I could've split up the pound.  But you get the point. (notice the jar in the background on the white spoonrest?  Yes, that's bacon grease in there from Yesterday's Bacon, waiting to do helpful things like Fry An Egg or Re-season The Iron Skillet).  Pop the bacon in the oven.  Set a timer for 10 minutes (ish)

During: try to tidy up the kitchen a little bit, but fail.  Read a book to a toddler.  Give a cup of water to a toddler.  Try to explain to the toddler that she can't pour water on the book.  Protect dog from toddler's Tossing Book game.  Hold toddler (who has turned on the charm with her "Up, please!") and decide it's time for Quiet Time.  Change a diaper, put toddler in room, wash hands, and make it back to the kitchen as the timer is beeping.
Remove bacon from oven, turn slices over, and return to oven for another 6-10 minutes or until desired doneness is reached.  During those 6-10 minutes, lay down to rest on the couch.

After: Remove bacon from oven, and transfer slices to paper towels to drain.  Doesn't it look awesome?

Let the bacon grease cool a little bit, and then pour into a jar to await later Useful Uses Like Frying Eggs And Potatoes.

See?  So easy.  I like this way of cooking bacon, because I get Toddler Time and Nap Time squeezed in there.


  1. Bacon in the oven. Genius.

    Also, Andrew and I are depressed, because our child will never be as adorable as yours. Thanks for ruining our hopes.

    We miss your lovely family. :-)

  2. Look at your TAN LINES on your FEET.

    Great way to cook bacon and get all that other stuff done too!

  3. We also do bacon in the oven, but put a cooling rack in our cookie sheet so the fat drains off automatically and you don't have to turn it.