The Ideal Shopping Experience

You've got to understand one thing ... the Mr and I do not like shopping.  At all.  Our unspoken family rule is to avoid all retail centers on weekends, and weekdays ending in D-A-Y.  With the exception of hobby stores (brewing for him, fabric for me), we would rather fold laundry together in 90 degree heat than browse through a mall or retail store.

Until we found Ikea.

There's food there ... score.
You get to build stuff ... sweet!
It's mostly minimalist, intuitive, well-thought-out, and inexpensive ... works for us!
And the best part of all (according to the Mr) is that there are no sales associates watching what we're up to, asking if we've found what we wanted, or generally trying to be helpful.  You see, he's a do-it-yourself kind of guy, and that trickles down to shopping too.

We discovered one 40 minutes away and promptly went twice in two days to snag some fun stuff, including
curtains for the nursery ... 
 and a dresser for the toddler ...
We're excited to be so close (relatively) to our new favorite store!  Watch for more peeks of IKEA goodies!

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  1. I love Ikea!!! I so wish we had one closer to us!