An update - with pictures - of our house:
Yes, she is carrying a (brand new) toilet bowl brush.
It kept her occupied while we unpacked boxes.
And it was the only picture I got during unpacking ...
Here is a brief tour of our house: come in the front door to a split foyer.  Go up a half flight of stairs ... and this is on the right...
Living room.  Lots of sun through that big window
(and I plan to appreciate it in the winter)
Through the living room to the left is the dining room.  Functional.
I am so thankful for that A/C window unit!
Turn left again, and go into the kitchen:
If you turn right out of the kitchen door just past the fridge, there's a hallway with two bedrooms on the left (the nursery is the smaller one, and E's room is the larger one).  On the right is a bathroom, and then the master bedroom/bathroom.
This will eventually be a nursery.  Now it's a catch-all room. 
E's room (as we try to figure out what it means to transition
a toddler to a bed!)
The sweet girl herself.  Look at those crazy curls!

One more piece of the update ...
22 weeks!
I love that E is looking at me as if to say, "What's the big deal?"


  1. House tour pics! Thanks! I asked for pics on the "wives" blog, so never mind!

  2. I love it! You are so cute!!

  3. I love it, too! Ellis is getting so big!

  4. Look at you go, Bookie! Love the house - looks so big in the pictures!