Quilting Bee Quilt

Put on your remembering caps.  Pull out a little blog post from June (eek - three months ago!) and recall that I hosted a quilting bee that involved 12" quilt squares in blue and a reveal date of early August.

Well, it's ready - finally!

I trust that you'll forgive me that it took a whole extra month.  You are, after all, very sweet and kind.  And let's face it.  You probably knew that there was no way I'd get it finished so quickly.  So, I appreciate your realistic view of quilting, and will strive to be better accomplished in realism in the future.

Here are some pictures of the little beauty.  It measures about 36" square - a nice little quilt to drape over a chair, to tuck your feet under on the couch, or to brighten up a room as a wall hanging!

I ended up collecting five squares that were predominately blue, and four that I like to call Blue Plus.  It made it really fun to place the squares together - I get a more traditional feel from the squares in the first picture, and I love the fun and funky attitude from the squares of the Blue Plus side.

I quilted it in an all-over meandering pattern.  I used a light blue-and-white stripe for the binding: very good choice, in my opinion.

I love it!

The best part of this is that the quilt goes to one of the lucky contributers!  I will post the winner SOON ... like, before 5 PM tomorrow!  Who will it be - Sarah E, Rebekah S, Mother of Rebekah S, Becky W, Daughter of Becky W, or Daughter of Paige M?  Stay tuned!