The Official Quilting Bee Post

Alright, so I've decided ... time for the quilting bee raffle to happen.

Here are your details.  Leave a comment if you have any questions!

(1) if you want to participate, you need to make one, two, or a bajillion quilt squares.  However many you make, that's how many entries you get into the raffle ...

(2) each quilt square needs to be blue and white.  Any blues, any whites.  I'll say MOSTLY blue ... if you plan on using a blue that has other colors in it, that's fine - as long as a stranger would look at the fabric and say "Yes, that's blue."

(3) you can use any pattern you want.

(4) the quilt squares need to be 12.5"x12.5" - a little bigger than you've probably made before, but just roll with it.

(5) the quilt squares need to be in my possession by Friday, July 1.  That's four weeks!  You can mail them to me (let me know if you need my address), drop them by my house, or send them via courier pigeon.  I might throw in your name twice into the raffle if your quilt square is accompanied by chocolate.  

Once I have the squares, you can bet that I'll work diligently to get them into a quilt ... but it still might be a few weeks after receiving them before the raffle drawing.  


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