Quilting Bee

Would you join me if I had a quilting bee project?  I've seen other bloggers do it, and I'm inspired.  Or maybe I'm just needing another project to keep me overwhelmed on my toes.

In my mind, it seems like it'd be simple: we'd decide on fabrics, a pattern, and a block size.  You could make one square or forty squares, send them to me, and I'd put them together with the others that get sent to me.  Then just a little basting and sewing action later and presto - a quilt.  Not sure what we'd DO with the quilt, but we could decide that in the process.  Give it away?  Auction it off?  

Let me know.

OK.  Goodnight, friends.

PS.  I'm thinking that this could be a summer project with a *hopeful* finish date of August 2011.  Thoughts?