Potluck Prep

One of my favorite things about the warm summer weather is getting together with friends over food!  I can't tell you how much I look forward to our potlucks all year long ... nothing like the hope of outdoor eating and fellowship to get me through the gray skies of February!  We'll be starting up our weekly potlucks in just a few weeks, and I've started to think about what potluck themes we want to recycle or try this summer!

Breakfast for dinner?  Mexican?  Garden fresh?  Birthday (this one is absolutely going to happen again, just so you know) ... 

Red foods?  Secret family recipes?  Foods I've always wanted to try?  Mongolian Delights?  Country Cookin'?  The Letter 'S'?  

Give me your thoughts!

PS.  One new one we're going to try is Dessert Night.  Eat your regular dinner at home (or don't), and come hang out for desserts and coffee on the lawn!


  1. How about Tuna Salad Night? ;)

  2. yay all of these sound so fun! and delicious... you're making me hungry :) can't wait for the potlucks to start!

  3. Ooo! I want to come!

    What if you did a night where every dish had to tell a story... like where someone is from? Or their earliest childhood memory? Or their favorite book? Your guests would have to get creative!

    Must. live. closer. to you someday...