Roof With A View

I was going to post about how to make cream of something soup today, but instead, I found something more exciting to write about (if you're thinking, "What can be more exciting that cream of chicken soup?" then you are a dear friend).  

I have been featured as a guest blogger on Roof With A View, a blog focused on encouraging women in their God-given roles as mothers and wives!  Before you start to think highly of me, keep in mind that I blogged about the cookie-brownie recipe that makes me drool on sight.  

My first ever guest post ... and it has me drooling.
I can only hope to contain my spittle the next time something this exciting happens ...


  1. you crack me up. Thanks for letting me share your cuteness and your wisdom on the Roof! <3

  2. that is exciting! and i need to try these brownie cookie things...