Oh My - Headbands!

Alright, I would like to apologise for the (ehem) short 6 month hiatus I took from this blog.  Unintentional. I'm embarrassed.  I'll use the excuse that I was pregnant, then I gave birth, then I recovered from the birth, then I had a newborn to learn about, then I fell in love with said newborn, then my husband had the computer every day at work, then I was too tired at night to blog.  

Lame-o excuses, right?  There are women out there who blog way more than I do, and have way more going on that I do.  I'm no rocket surgeon, people.  But I do what I can.

Alright.  I hope you're thinking, "Wow.  It's been 6 months.  She better have something great to show us since it's been so long."  And, well, here it is: headbands.  Using THIS tutorial.  That's right - six months of hiding out, and I produce a few baby headbands.  But whatevs.  

Baby steps.  I'll get back into this blogging thing.  Now, pictures of what I do ... I think you'll be waiting another 6 months for that.  

But again, I do what I can.  And right now, that means headbands.

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