Wonky Log Cabin Tutorial #3

You are reading a blog post by what may be the world's worst blogger.  I forgot the camera at class AGAIN.  I don't have it with me today either, to take staged "class" photos.  I read so many blogs that are just incredible, with all the guest postings, and professional-looking photos, and fancy schmancy things like frequent posts, that it makes me feel inadequate.  But really, I don't care too much.  Alright, I'm over it now.

For class #3, we continued sewing the fabric strips around the wonky square.  Depending on the width of the fabric strips you're working with, you may end up with between four and seven "layers" around the middle square.  For this particular project, I worked all the measurements out to (hopefully) end up with a 40" square quilt, which means each block needs to be at least 20"x20".  So, for each of the blocks, add a strip to the top, then the right, then the bottom, then the left of the middle square, ironing each piece down before sewing the next one on.  When you've completed a full round (four strips around the block), "square off" the block by trimming the uneven edges with a straight ruler and rotary cutter.  You can continue to make it very wonky by tilting the ruler when cutting, or not.  It's up to you.  Play around with the angles you cut and how much you cut off - it's fun to see the block shape up and get more interesting with each layer.  

Keep doing that until a block measures a little bigger than 20"x20".  Iron well.  Repeat for each block.

Trim each block to exactly 20"x20" square, or, if you're wanting to make smaller blocks, whatever size you want.  A good rule of thumb is that a baby blanket should be at least 36"x36".  This is the time when the phrase "square off the block" actually does mean make it square.  I promise I'm not trying to confuse you.

OK, you're done for this week! 

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