The Blacksburg Wives

The Back Story: for Easter 2009 (yes, over a year ago), my group of friends decided to have a special potluck where we would all bring the best holiday dishes we knew.  It was a raging success, and the idea of a cookbook was born because, well, we all love food so much, and we all loved each others' food so much too.

Fastforward to November 2010: my friend Katie was deemed the one in charge of collecting the recipes, and she gave us a deadline for submitting them - by the time her daughter was born.  She was at least 35 weeks pregnant when she gave us the ultimatum, so we all worked pretty quickly to get at least five recipes apiece emailed to her.  The baby came near her due date, but we didn't know that was how it would be, and we didn't want to cross the pregnant lady.

Fastforward again to May 2010: Katie's baby is a bouncy, gurgly, (almost) sitting 5 month old.  Katie (and others) have put in hours of work organizing the cookbook and working on design.  Mary the graphic designer has contributed some very talented photography for the cover and dividers.  Rebecca the writer has composed such a lovely introduction to the cookbook that it makes me tear up.  Cindi and Katie plan a beautiful Cookbook Release Party complete with games, namecards, and decorations.  And each of the contributing authors has prepared a dish from the cookbook for dinner.  So, finally, after a mere 15 months, the Blacksburg Wives Cookbook is revealed:

cover of cookbook

yummy dinner!  pretty flowers!

the girliness is so overwhelming, it's like it's hanging from the trees in the yard!

the fantastic party planning committee

All I have to say is, if you decide you want to make a cookbook, collect some pretty amazing friends beforehand.  I love all you girls!


  1. COOL!! are these for sale =) let me know, id love a copy!!

  2. I have a friend that saw the post (I put a link on my blog to yours) and she wants one too!

  3. This may mean we have to do a 2nd edition printing ... what do you think?

  4. Wow. This looks incredible. classy. well-done. mouthwatering. Oh my goodness, I want one too!

  5. Wow. This looks incredible. classy. well-done. mouthwatering. I want one too!