Tuesday Giggle

I've been wanting to make one of these ever since I started quilting.  I love the name.  I love the pattern.  

And I love red and white.
 Oh, goodness.  What a start to summer quilting, huh?  I'm in love.

I'm using the tutorial that CrazyMomQuilts posted , only I'm not going with her templates (I think templates are a waste of time when rotary cutting is an option).  One of her readers left this comment in response to her tutorial, and I've found that to be most helpful:

"Amy said ... The way I did it, which is SUPER super quick was to cut it all with the rotary cutter... I cut slight rectangles, ie 6" by 6 1/2"... this is from both the coloured fabric and the white fabric... then lay the rectangles down on my cutting mat. I then lined it up to cut my diagonals (which will be cut across the long side)... i just lay my cutting ruler across the block 2 1/2" inches in from either alternative side and sliced across the block (this makes the diagonal shape)... i was able to cut several blocks at a time like this without using a template at all... and because you have added the 1/2" the both blocks they end up a square with no trimming... i think i cut a whole quilt in under an hour! Hope this helps others (I don't have a blog to show you) but hopefully you can understand from my instructions! Cheers, Amy 5:15 PM "
I'll be posting more SOON!

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