Big deal(s)

First exciting news of the day: my quiltblog idol and favorite modern quilter, Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts, is coming back to her readers after a 4-month break.  I thought she was gone forever, and I seriously grieved a bit when she announced in January that she would no longer be blogging.  My modern-quilting inspiration is back though, and I'm so happy!!

Second exciting news of the day: I finally finished a commissioned quilt called "Windowpanes" ... though it probably doesn't look like it, it took me a whole month to finish!  There's a lot more piecing in that sucker than you think ...
I experimented with the quilting on this one - don't know if you can see it from the front or not, but the "+" in each block is left without quilting.  It shows up on the back a little better ...
Here's a close-up:
I am really pleased with how this turned out.  The finished quilt measures 52"x66" - a great lap quilt or picnic blanket size!

Third exciting news of the day: I have forced invited my friends to a quilting class this summer that I'm going to teach ... they are kind enough to let me treat them as my student guinea-pigs, as I learn how to plan and execute a 6-week course in quilt-making!  I'm looking forward to spending some summer mornings with sweet friends, and I can't wait to show off their amazing handiwork!

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