I have found the dress.
Not only is it black (criterion #1), it is very comfortable (and strapless to boot). It is lovely, versatile (I could wear it with Chacos or heels ... though I don't own any heels ...), and timeless. Turns out, it was free (even better than criterion #5). My friend Cindi is letting me borrow it as my summer occasion dress.
I might need you to invite me to your summer occasion now, just so that I can wear it.
I will reciprocate an invitation to something, I promise. It might be the Festival to Honor the Planting of the Onions, but it'll be an invitation ...
PS. Now that I have the dress, I just need to find something for these ...
(I wear size 8. Just in case you cared)


  1. I drooled while reading your Easter menu, and then I started missing you and your yummy cooking that has always made me feel right at home when ever I've had the pleasure of eating it. : )

    And I am super excited that you've found your summer occasion dress! However, you must know that the link to what I assume and hope is a picture of the dress (within the words "the dress") only takes me to the page for the "Versatile, Schmersitile Pancakes" post. Weird. Can you fix it, please? I want to see the dress!!

    AND I think your summer occasion should definitely be a weekend (or several weeks if you want!) in Nashville, don't you?? : )

    Love you!

  2. Since I can't really invite you to anything (that you wouldn't need to purchase a ticket to Guatemala for), I think you should put pictures up. I have had the same versatile dress (also black and meets all of your criteria!) for 4 years now. I figure I can keep it for awhile longer though since no one in this country has seen it yet. I am excited to try this potato casserole recipe! What do you use for the herb seasoned dressing mix?

  3. So I might start following your blog for reciepes. Man you like to cook! I like your description of ish below AND I want to see the dress. The link didn't work for me.