Quilt Class

So, here's the thing - I really love quilting.  Shocker.

And I think I like teaching.  I did try a couple of years of teaching elementary school Spanish ... not sure that that was right up my alley at the time.  But I've grown a lot since then.

These friends are so kind to let me TEACH a QUILTING class one night a week!  Here's proof that they don't run off as soon as I define "selvedge" or "binding" ... 

We are working on a rail fence pattern quilt.  I will share pictures as the weeks go on.  These ladies are such good sports and I am really excited to see our quilts develop week by week!


  1. SO great!!! Proud of you friend! Can't wait to see the pictures as you quilt along!! Wish I could come and sew with you friend!

  2. Looks fun! Lots of ladies too! I keep forgetting to post pictures of my class. We are having fun too, and I'm glad they are letting me "teach" them!

  3. Stacey, I wish we could sew together sometime too! Cindi ... post pics when you can!