Baby Blocks Improv Quilt

In the course of my quilting career, I have accumulated a bunch of scraps of fabrics that I love.  I always tell myself that I will one day actually do something with them.  

Inspired by a couple of blogs that have been focusing on using fabric scraps (Crazy Mom Quilts and Scrappy Love Blog), I delved into my scrap bag for this tiny baby quilt!   This quilt is so improvisational that I'm not sure that I could ever do a real tutorial.  Basically I just grouped scraps by color, sewed them together (there's not a right angle to be found), and then cut the edges straight to make each colored block into a rectangle.

Because nothing really goes together, it all goes together.  I waffled about how to arrange the blocks, and ended up flanking each one with strips of white fabric I had on hand.  White is my go-to fabric when I'm unsure about how a quilt will turn out.  It makes it so clean, and brings into focus the colors that are there.

The quilt is backed in green with a tiny leaf print.  I strayed from my usual pieced backing and just did the whole back the same color.  It's another good call for this particular quilt!  I did add a tiny piece of green to the binding, which is otherwise white.

The final quilt measures about 24"x36" ... pretty small, but thankfully babies are small too.

Do you improv quilt?  What tips do you have?

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