Vintage Quilt + Giveaway!

Today, I came in possession of an old, hand-sewn star quilt.  Sah-weet!  I'm a sucker for antique patchwork.  This is so awesome!

But I have to confess: I do not have the time to fix the places where seams have come apart, nor do I have the energy to be that particular.  So, I opted for the quick-and-awesome choice: wall hanging!

That's right.  Those are embroidery hoops, and I cut up (gasp!) the quilt to fit the hoops.  This way, I get to enjoy their handmade beauty every day, and didn't have to do any fixing of seams.  Furthermore, when I have a house with my own sewing room (cough IhopeyoureadthisMr.rhymeswithsmile cough), these can go on the walls of that room.  Until then, they're next to my side of the bed.  So I get to see them first thing every morning!

And, next ... a little bit of fun.  I only cut up half the quilt to use in my wall hangings.  So, I still have half the quilt that I'd like to pass along to someone who wants it.  It's 18 squares (3x6) and three of the sides are hemmed (it's pictured above ... the second picture from the top is a pretty good view of what's there).  Measures maybe 30"x60".  So, leave a comment, and tell me why you want it.  I'll randomly pick someone next Wednesday at 5:00.  I hope it's you!

Finally - Little Girl!  Look how precious.
Maybe she looks like me?

She really is happy most of the time.

something in the basket was funny, I guess.

It has been determined:
She looks like her dad (and I believe
she's wearing one of his old shirts)


  1. That's such a clever way to use such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship! I would love the chance to come up with a unique way to display some of those pieces in my home as well. Our house was built in 1921, and it feels like it would somehow fit right in!

  2. Your little one is not so little anymore! She's a cutie! Would love to meet her sometime!!

    Second, love the quilt and what you did with it! So creative!

    You should meet my friend Rachel--she's at VT now getting her Phd. Anyway, she inherited a bunch of old quilts from her grandmother. They are AMAZING! Actually, they are just quilt tops, but one day they'll be great quilts!

    Always enjoy your blog. Think of you often friend!

  3. Ooo. Put my name in the hat. Germany needs more old things. I'm all for the globalization of antiquery.

  4. The other pieces would look fantastic above our bed. If I win, it will kind of be like that Fievel Goes West song, Somewhere Out There, because we'll be looking at the same thing even though we're miles a part!:) Ha! Seriously, I hope I win.

  5. Ooooh, what a beautiful quilt! Almost as beautiful as that little cutie pie of yours. When do I get to meet her??

    I'm not quite sure what I'd do with it, but my favorite ideas are to turn it into a baby quilt or a throw pillow (or two). Love those embroidery hoops!

  6. I would LOVE the quilt b/c I have had the biggest nightmare of the last 2 weeks and really need some good in my life!