Wonky Log Cabin Tutorial #6 - The Last One!

Last week you finished your quilting, right? 
If you (still) need inspiration about what quilting pattern to use, look at Val's quilt here ... check out those groovy grid lines that form a diamond pattern.  I'm so excited about how hers turned out!

Feeling a little more adventurous with quilting?  Look what Andrea did:

Talk about groovy!  I love the swirls! 

Alright, this last binding tutorial is actually going to be a combo my-tutorial/other-blog-site-tutorial.  I don't feel the need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to binding tutorials.  And Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts happens to have an excellent, step-by-step binding how-to.  So, check it out by clicking here, then come back to visit me so we can talk through it again.  (By the way, while you're there, look at her other quilts and be inspired!)

The binding is the very last thing you do to your quilt.  It finishes and hides the edges of fabric and batting that are still exposed, so it's worthwhile to do a quality binding.  If you haven't already, read through CMQ's tutorial and then read on:
Step 1: Measure the four sides of your quilt, add it up, and add 12.  Cut enough 2.5" wide strips (she does 2.25" but it's your choice - either width, just be consistent for all strips) to add up to that measurement.  Sew them together on the short sides so you end up with one long strip.
Step 2: Iron the long strip in half lengthwise with wrong sides together.  You should have a very, very long, very, very skinny strip.
Step 3: Match unfinished edge of quilt with raw edge of binding strip, and sew on around all four sides and corners.  (crazymom's tutorial is excellent for this step, especially for the corners.  Haven't read it yet?  You know what I'm going to tell you to do.  So just go do it.)
Step 4: Trim the edges of the quilt even with the binding strip edges.  Fold the binding over onto the other side of the quilt around the edge and sew it down with a needle and thread (by hand!)
Step 5: Enjoy this awesome quilt you just finished, and graciously accept compliments from your friends who can't believe how crafty and cool you are.

Alright, well that's it for this 6 part tutorial on how to make a wonky log cabin quilt!  Hooray for friends and quilting classes!  And thanks to the lovely women who have great taste in fabric and incredible talent - I loved working with you all!

A few more pictures:
Laura's quilt - still in progress
(she was out of town for a couple of weeks without a machine)

Caitlin's quilt (picture from last week)

Caitlin sews on her binding strip

A second wonky log cabin quilt that I'm working on finishing up
(the green border now goes all the way around the quilt)


  1. Fantastic quilts! All really lovely, and reflective of such varied personalities. I particularly like the way Laura's quilt incorporates images - so retro.

  2. Katherine you are so talented! I am so impressed and encouraged! It makes me think you need to come down for another weekend of gleeful sewing with your favorite girl cousin!