ten things thursday

OK, so I'm that person who likes lists.  I like to list the things I want to do, the plants I want to grow, the people I need to write, and on and on.  I saw a list on my friend (Cindi's) blog the other day, and started to think - why not make a list on my blog?  So, here goes.  I am sharing ten foods that I absolutely cannot live without in my kitchen.  Ready?  Here they are, in no particular order:

1. cumin: the spice of the gods (and Mexico).
2. olive oil
3. eggs
4. canned tomatoes - crushed, whole, Italian, petite diced with jalapenos ... you name it ...
5. rice
6. black beans
7. chili powder
8. onions
9. oats
10. ice cream (c'mon.  you knew that one was coming)


  1. If not for the ice cream, you would thrive in Guatemala!

  2. Were you referring to my blog?