Fridge Finds: What's (Really) Cooking, Part 1

Do you ever wonder what other people actually have in their fridge?  Or what they are really planning on cooking up on a day-to-day basis?

I do.  I'll just call myself curious instead of nosy ... but I really do wonder about these things.  I think about food all day long - at breakfast I think about lunch, at lunch I dream about dinner, and in all those in between times I think about what someone else must be eating, or could be eating, or might be eating.  I know.  It's weird.  There, I said it.

I've been thinking about this so much (I'm not obsessed, really I'm not) that I'm joining up with a few friends with homemaker(ish) blogs for a BLOG PARTY!  Each week from now through early November, a different blogger is going to take a - for real - picture of the food in her refrigerator.  Then she's agreed to share a few menu ideas or recipe links, based on what's in there.

It's my turn first, so here you go.  Here is a picture of my refrigerator, fo'realzies.

Food to notice:

Top shelf: bacon
Middle shelf: loaf of bread, waaaaay too many eggs
Middle shelf drawer: 3 blocks of cheese, pepperoni
Bottom shelf: yogurt, flat of chicken thighs, tortillas
Bottom left drawer: celery, carrots, peppers, tomatoes (Don't know if you can see those)
Bottom right drawer: lettuce, limes

And here, my friends, is a short list of what's really cooking here at the Rhymeswithsmile household this week ... (it's way less glamorous than you might hope)

BLTs (Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato) sandwiches - using bread, lettuce, tomato, and crispy bacon, with a possible addition of a fried egg (for me), sweet peppers (for Big Sister), and cheese (for the Mister).

Chicken Curry (with chicken, celery, and yogurt from the fridge, adding in chopped sweet pepper - other ingredients are in the cupboards)

Chicken Enchiladas with Mexican Rice and Cilantro Dressing (unfortunately, I forgot to pick up cilantro on my recent grocery run.  So I'll swing by the store next time I'm out ...)

Homemade pepperoni pizza using this dough in the bread machine.

Keep checking in on Tuesdays for the coming weeks, so that you can see what these foodie friends are really cooking up!

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